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Unique Leads

Acquire distinct leads not shared by others. Our database is structured to cycle through names, ensuring that leads are not simultaneously sold to multiple purchasers. A lead will only be redistributed after all names in the database have been exhausted. PLUS, we’ll never sell you the same lead twice.

What's an aged Lead?

Aged Leads are prospects that requested information about insurance in the last 1 to 12 months, based on your filtering criteria.  In 70% of cases, prospects only received 1 call from the initial lead purchaser, less than 5% of prospects receive more than 3 calls.  This means there are thousands of missed opportunities, just waiting for an agent to reach out.

Opt-In Insurance Leads

Every lead in our database has actively opted in. We’ve verified that these leads expressed interest in acquiring insurance when they initially opted in to receive communications.

Leads In Your Target Area

Secure leads in the specific area you desire. We refine the list based on your criteria, whether it’s the age of the lead, location, or zip code.

Immediate Acess

No need to delay – start connecting with potential insurance customers within minutes. Our user-friendly website facilitates quick and straightforward purchases, enabling you to promptly reach out to potential insurance prospects and set appointments.

Unique Leads

You receive different leads than other purchasers. Our database is designed to rotate the names so that everyone is not buying the same leads at the same time. Only once all the names in the database have been exhausted will the lead be given out a second time.


You receive different leads when you re-purchase. With our login system, rest assured that when you purchase from us, you will not receive the same lead again.

Opt-In Leads

All of our leads have opted in. We have verified these leads were interested in becoming solar customers when they first opted in to be contacted.

Leads In Your Area

Get the lead in the area you want. We narrow the list to your specific needs: age of lead, location, or zip code.

Don't Wait

You don’t have to wait - you can be calling your potential solar customers in a matter of minutes. Our website is designed for quick and easy purchase, so you can start calling potential solar customers and closing deals in no time.

Exclusive Leads

With our exclusive leads, you don't have to wait to start calling potential solar customers. Get ahead of the competition and choose us for your solar lead needs.

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Extremely Satisfied

“I’ve been using Aged Insurance Leads for several months now, and I’m extremely satisfied with their service. The leads are of high quality and have significantly contributed to the growth of my insurance business. Their customer service is top-notch, always going above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. I highly recommend Aged Insurance Leads to anyone in search of quality leads.”

- Michael K.

Fresh Leads

“I was initially skeptical about buying insurance leads online, but AgedInsuranceLeads.com has proven to be the real deal. The leads are fresh and have resulted in numerous sales for my insurance business. The website is user-friendly, and their prices are very reasonable. I’ll definitely be a returning customer.”

- Matthew F.


“In my 5 years in the insurance industry, AgedInsuranceLeads.com stands out as the best lead provider I’ve ever used. Their leads are accurate and boast a high conversion rate. I’ve recommended AgedInsuranceLeads.com to many colleagues, and they’ve all experienced great success with their leads.”

- Samantha P.

Excellent Customer Service

“Aged Insurance Leads has played a crucial role in expanding my customer base and increasing sales. The high-quality leads have allowed me to connect with potential customers I might have otherwise missed. Their excellent customer service ensures I always have access to leads when needed. I highly recommend Aged Insurance Leads to anyone looking to grow their insurance business.”

- Daniel M.

High-Quality Leads

“I’ve been a customer of AgedInsuranceLeads.com for a year now, and I’m consistently impressed with their service. The leads are always high-quality, generating a steady stream of new business. The unique distribution of leads ensures that not everyone receives the same leads, increasing my chances of making sales. With an easy-to-use website and competitive prices, I recommend AgedInsuranceLeads.com to anyone seeking quality leads at a reasonable price.”

- Benjamin R.